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Sometimes the TV is an ideal medium for just sitting back and not taking things too seriously. Obviously, Channel 5's Top 10 Carry-on moments last night was not taking things too seriously, but I was pleased to see Carry-On Up The Khyber taking the top spot.

Then I decided to hop over to Endeavour. I didn't expect it to be all that good, and I found the first half hour or so really quite a struggle. The cinematography seemed to have a slight sepia effect, almost as if it was trying to out-drab Tinker, Tailor. Oxford looked far too clean. Even the good cops were bad in the 1960s; the bad cops were even worse. I think I spotted Colin Dexter in a walk-on (by which I actually mean "sit down") part in a beer garden. It picked up as the story developed, and by the end I had quite enjoyed it.
Tags: oxford, tv
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