qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Tune In, Tune Out

Well, according to some information, we were due to lose BBC2 today, and we'd have to retune the Freeview box. Although the overlay that's been appearing sporadically on Channel 4 suggests nothing happens until April.

As of this evening, we still have BBC2 on analogue. I have the feeling that, probably because of the hill, our locality might have aerials that point in a different direction from what they're "supposed" to based on postcodes. I retuned the Freeview box, then it said it wanted a parental code to store the results. The box is 9 years old (I think, possibly more) and Mrs Q doesn't have the code. Most channels seemed to be working fine, though BBC News 24 showed the Red Spot Of Doom against the Black Background Of Eternity. The manual doesn't say anything about a factory switch for resetting the code on the box; Teh Interwebs tell me that the box is, in fact, so old that it won't work after switchover anyway. We were already resigned to replacing it, as we have no way of recording anything from digital; but now it's become something that we need to do soon. Bah and humbug.
Tags: tv
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