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To err is human, but to foul things up completely requires Apple

It's a good thing Steve Jobs is dead, because otherwise I'd be tempted to pop round and finish him off myself. As I've been transferring to a new PC over the past couple of weeks, I've found (despite all information on Teh Interweb to the contrary) that migrating from one iTunes installation to another does not preserve the metadata such as play counts associated with the library, and to top it all, this evening it has now decided that it's necessary to restore my iPod to factory settings and perform a firmware upgrade before the new iTunes will sync to it. I have a 38GB music library that was working absolutely fine. I bought this device for function (and in this case I mean capacity), not so much for form. It's nice if it looks pretty but what I really care about is whether it works.
Tags: apple, computers, music, technology
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