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Travels in Time and Space - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
Travels in Time and Space
Book Review: Berlin Tales, chosen and translated by Lyn Marven, edited by Helen Constantine
A selection of short stories set in Berlin, from pre-war times to the present day. They're a mixed bag. There's a tendency for the more modern stories to focus on alternative and counter-cultural aspects of city life, but I think I preferred those with a more historical perspective. I did quite enjoy Günter Kunert's surreal Everyday History of a Berlin Street, Wolfdietrich Schnurre's The Loan, Annett Gröschner's Remains of the Esplanade and Fridolin Schley's The Heart of the Republic; also an honourable mention for Alfred Döblin's East of Alexanderplatz, a microscopic rendition sharing some of the themes and locations of his magnum opus.


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