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2-3-1 - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
At the last car service, the garage recommended changing the rear tyres "soon". I put this off over the winter but decided to go ahead. So, I had budgeted for 2 new tyres.

Yesterday I misjudged the position of a brick on the road. There was a nasty banging sound, and I could tell straight away that something wasn't right. When I stopped to take a look, there was steam emerging from the front near-side tyre ... and then I spotted where it had burst. Fortunately I have breakdown cover; less fortunately, it took Green Flag nearly 2 hours to get to deepest Berkshire. Changing a wheel is something I suspect you're supposed to be able to do yourself, but I'd spend all day on it and still not get it right. (In fact, the guy had to fetch a hammer to dislodge the wheel from the axle, so I didn't feel too bad about that). So, that meant it was going to be 3 tyres. Ho hum.

At least I had planned to visit Total Tyres in Binfield this morning. When they looked at the car, they insisted that the rear tyres were absolutely fine, with at least 4mm all round. (I used to have a gauge but I haven't seen it for years; all I had determined was that yes, they were more worn than the front ones). In fact what he said was "I'd be ripping you off changing them". So it didn't feel so bad that in the end I have only had to buy one tyre. Of course, I know where I'll be going when there is no doubt that they do need replacing.


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uitlander From: uitlander Date: April 28th, 2012 01:32 pm (UTC) (Link)
I do miss Total Tyres. I might contrive to visit when I need new ones, the savings from them will probably outweight the petrol and mileage costs.
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