qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: Learning SPARQL, by Bob DuCharme
We use SPARQL heavily at work; since joining the company I've had internal training only, so I thought it would be good to get another perspective as well as to learn about the new features in SPARQL 1.1 (particularly SPARQL Update). Over all I would say this is quite a well thought through book; it does seem a little odd that the first chapter jumps straight in to some example queries without much explanation of what's going on, but it seems to work. It was useful to understand rather better the SELECT query form (we primarily use CONSTRUCT, but I think in many cases that introduces unnecessary complexity); I'm not so convinced by the assertion that the RDF/XML is barely used and that the Turtle format for RDF is much more widespread. I can see that Turtle is more compact, and that for small examples it can be more straightforward, but obviously with an XML dialect you can use all the standard XML tools (such as XSLT). I'm a little clearer on Named Graphs, but not entirely persuaded by them. The section on Update was clear, but it's something I have yet to put into practice, so we'll see how that goes in future.
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