qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: Writing Effective Use Cases, by Alistair Cockburn
This book dates from 2001 and although in one or two places I feel it's showing its age, for the most part it is still a relevant book and a useful reference. I've always been uneasy about use cases, and Cockburn explains why in a section entitled "The Great Drawing Hoax". The only mention of use cases in UML is the "use case diagram"; therefore, one might reasonably conclude, the diagram contains the use cases. In fact this isn't its intent (and patently doesn't work); it's an ungainly part of the UML toolset that Cockburn plausibly speculates was thrown in at the behest of CASE tool manufacturers. Cockburn is firmly of the view that use cases are textual, though I can certainly see flowchart-like diagrams being useful in some situations.
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