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One of my coworkers discovered yesterday that our medical cover is "in dispute" with the insurers. What this means is, our employer hasn't paid the premiums.

Now maybe there is nothing to worry about, other than the incompetence of our finance department, or maybe there is, as we've also had assessors in this week as we're apparently appealing for a rate rebate as we're only using a fraction of the office space we have. Strictly speaking, I think said non-payment is a breach of contract as they've effectively cut our benefits, albeit maybe temporarily. There has been no sign of non-payment of salary, but I wonder whether other things (such as pension contribution payments) might also have been "deferred".

On the bright side though, we have failed our ISO 9000 audit, with three major non-conformances and seven minor non-conformances. That at least restores some faith in the process.

In other news, there were at least three power cuts at home yesterday. Southern Electric are crap. I am going to write a stroppy letter.
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