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The Master - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
The Master
A somewhat belated write-up of a concert I went to in Merton College Chapel last Tuesday, given by members of the Oxford Philomusica. One can never be certain of the traffic in Oxford, and as it turned out, I arrived early enough for a pleasant evening stroll around the town centre and Christ Church meadow. The programme was themed around Frederick the Great, and although the best piece was inevitably the Trio Sonata from J S Bach's A Musical Offering, Frederick's sonata probably came second. The other works, by C P E Bach, Carl Heinrich Graun, Johann Quantz and Franz Benda, were all pleasant yet unremarkable. I don't think the acoustic in the chapel helped much; it certainly reminded me how lucky you are at (the front of) the Royal Albert Hall. It was dusk when the concert finished, which allowed for an atmospheric walk back to the car.

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