qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Winter of Discontent

The Jazz is now coming up to 6 years old, and I knew this would be one of the more expensive annual services it has had. Dad has warned about the danger of keeping a car for "too long" - at which point you get trapped in spending money on all the bits that are going wrong and the cost of maintenance just isn't repaid by trading in. The MOT hasn't been a hassle, but the rear brake pads and discs have been replaced, with a warning that the front pads also need to be replaced (again) within a month or two. So I think by mid next year I will probably be looking for a new car. I'm inclined to go for another Jazz; in principle I'd like the hybrid version, but I'm not entirely convinced the figures justify the additional investment, and the VW Polo Bluemotion and Skoda Fabia Greenline also look like contenders.
Tags: car
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