qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Good Old Days

Book Review: Apache - The Definitive Guide, 2nd edition, by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie
This was a freebie from a metaphorical skip some years ago and I suspect it was already out of date when we acquired it, though poking around on the internet reveals that the latest (3rd) edition is over 10 years old and doesn't get especially good reviews. "The Definitive Guide" is always a fate-tempting tagline. As I wanted an overview of configuring Apache - particularly with the ultimate aim of introducing modsecurity to replace some in-house coding - I decided to give this a go in any case, figuring that the basic principles probably aren't that different. It seems reasonably clear on the simple things such as CGI scripting and authentication; the mystery of virtual hosts is clear to me now, I hope. Other topics covered include redirection, proxying and SSI. The chapter on SSL seems delightfully quaint - at least I hope so. The final two chapters are on writing Apache modules and calling the API, which is quite a departure from the content that goes before and isn't particularly readable (in fact there is another O'Reilly book devoted to this topic). It's also the area which I expect has changed the most, but it wasn't of interest to me anyway.
Tags: books, computing
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