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Music Festivals

A rather unpromising start yesterday, as Mrs Q phoned in to tell me that the IDR in Reading was gridlocked with those exiting from the Reading Festival. I attempted to buy parking online at APCOA's website for Mortimer station to no avail, so decided I'd try my luck in Reading by going in the other direction round the IDR. It was slow moving, but probably the right decision and I had no problem getting parked. Having possibly queue-jumped a couple of times I got onto a London-bound train. The person sat next to me was having a conversation about how much she was looking forward to a shower. Now you don't hear that from the Promenaders.

The queue was fairly busy by the time I arrived, mainly for the evening's "Hollywood Rhapsody" Prom, but I had gone solely for the afternoon's Light Music organ recital. Richard Hills explained that the Royal Albert Hall organ comes, in fact, from the "Town Hall" tradition, and therefore is equipped with all manner of additional stops (such as a base drum, carillons and tubular bells) like a cinema or theatre organ. Most of the pieces were arrangements for the organ - Eric Coates' Sound and Vision, Hills' own medley based on Sullivan - Mikado Memories, Billy Mayerl's Ace of Hearts, Fats Waller's A Handful of Keys. Edward German's Three Dances from Nell Gwyn sounded familiar, though I didn't recognise the name. John Ireland's Villanella was actually a real organ piece; the programme concluded with Roger Quliter's Children's Overture, and an encore of Tiger Rag.

Things had quietened down by the time I returned to Reading, although I could have done without a power cut that lasted until about 10pm last night.
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