qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Hungarian Phrase Book

Having considered several options, we finally arranged for a holiday in Budapest this year. Mysteriously, it turned out that not all BA flights at Heathrow depart from Terminal 5, but at least we found that out before setting off for the airport. The weather was mixed, but I think we managed to make the most of it. Inter alia, we went out to Memento Park, just about dodged the Budapest Wine Festival (which seems to involve closure of the castle complex), visited the Parliament building, and took trips to Esztergom and Bratislava (the latter on a very wet day, which combined with unfortunately inaccurate public transport information in our guide book left less than positive impressions). Although there were one or two instances of "service with a scowl" and my card did get charged once in GBP without being asked, people were generally friendly and helpful. The food was generally good (I think Karpatia in particular will probably stick in the memory) and we have Tokaij and Medovina to enjoy at our leisure.
Tags: holiday, places, travel
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