qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: HBase - The Definitive Guide, by Lars George
This is the last of three books I've been intending to read on various NoSQL databases that might be useful at work. Of the three books, this is probably the only one that really deserves its subtitle of "definitive", and this is both a good and a not-so-good thing. The first couple of chapters on the history and installation requirements for HBase are quite off-putting and hopefully somewhat dated, as they involve extremely picky dependencies and patches. The following chapters, on the HBase APIs, are much clearer and generally well-written, although again they may be dated. Quite a lot of the material presented is sufficiently conceptual that it is useful, regardless of which specific product I may end up using. Of the three, CouchDB seems to be the simplest; Cassandra has the most appealing architecture (and undoubtedly the best name); but HBase seems to be the heavyweight, so all of them are probably worth further investigation.
Tags: books, computing
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