qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

El Dorado

There was some very heavy rain and at least one bought of thunder overnight. Due to train disruption (reason unknown) at Reading, we met up with angry_marmot a few minutes behind schedule before going for an enjoyable lunch at Kimchee, which I'd definitely recommend. After lunch it was on to the British Museum for the Beyond El Dorado exhibition. It wasn't blockbuster in scale physically, although it was quite busy throughout. But the artefacts themselves, from various cultures in the area that is now Colombia, probably justify the blockbuster tag, with spectacular workmanship and materials. Feeling in need of tea, and dodging the heaviest of the rain, we decamped to My Old Dutch where, along with tea, I indulged in a completely unnecessary but rather tasty pancake with maple syrup. Although the service was slow and we were hidden round a corner, this may have turned out to our advantage. When Mrs Q and I arrived back at Paddington we noticed that the first train listed was the 16:30 - which by this time should have left an hour earlier. Certainly the station was rather heaving with people and we were quite lucky to get seats on the train. As we were departing the weather was relatively benign, but we heard that lightning had damaged the signalling system around Slough, and it took almost an hour to get back to Reading.
Tags: exhibitions, food, london, weather
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