qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Gathering Storm

Yesterday we went up to Worcester for Quince Day at Greyfriars. It struck me that the journey from Reading was very nearly 2 hours, making it 2.5 hours from London. In that time, from other London termini you can almost get to Newcastle or Oxenholme. It wasn't that the train was slow, rather that it stopped (after Oxford, when it largely emptied) at all sorts of halts, invariably with the train manager informing us from which coaches passengers could "safely disembark". Whether they could adventurously disembark from other coaches remains a matter of conjecture. The house was pleasant though inauthentic, having been restored after the war by whatever means (typically including relocation of fittings and furnishings from other properties) were available. We ended up with a couple of bottles of quince wine.

Today I have been mostly harvesting the apples. I decided to deal with them today in the light of the storm that is forecast overnight. Either I am less picky than previously, or it is truly a bumper year. I had packed 1.5 boxes of apples when I ran out of newspaper; there was just about space to bring the car back into the garage around the remaining apples. And there are lots still on the tree, for now at least. Not to mention all the windfalls that are in the kitchen or the dining room, and some still in the garden. So far we have had apple crumble, apple pie, apple syllabub, apple and rosemary pudding, and apple parkin. Mrs Q has been researching apple vodka. I am forecasting lamb and apple tagine in the near future.
Tags: food, places, weather
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