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Maybe I missed something, but I fear there are still humans and zygons negotiating somewhere under the Tower of London. I suppose we have to assume that all worked out happily in the end. Or maybe we have to come back to it later.

The Day of the Doctor didn't seem to connect with the end of the previous series. But I think it's clear from the Christmas fragment that it will be resolved, and that the Clara we saw dates from a later time (as "Nine" puts it, "you knew who I was").

I'm always wary of hype that builds up, when expectations rise. Somehow Steve Moffat has once again delivered, helped by a combination of cleverness, imagination, and 50 years of archives to plunderresearch. Total bollocks overdrive, but of the good kind.

I'm sure there will be things missing from the list below, in approximately timey-wimey order, of what I particularly liked. It's definitely one to watch again.

  • Use of the original opening titles

  • Clara working next to the junkyard in Totter's Lane

  • The "Rose" interface generated from "your past ... or is it your future, I always get confused"

  • "Nice scarf!"

  • We've closed the loop on the Queen Elizabeth I story - now we know why she isn't best pleased to see him in The Shakespeare Code

  • Sonic screwdriver takes 400 years to complete the calculation

  • Get me the files codenamed "Cromer"

  • "You've redecorated, haven't you? I don't like it!"

  • A big red button (that must NEVER EVER EVER be pressed)

  • "Geronimo!" / "Allons-y!" / "Oh, for God's sake!". I want more John Hurt episodes - Grumpy Doctor rules!

  • "Twelve of them - no, thirteen!" - nice to see an insert of Peter Capaldi

  • (Almost) Everybody lives - something of a Steve Moffat mantra

  • Tom!

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