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Surrounded by water

I had no trouble getting home last night (although I did pass a team of people in hi-vis outfits with what looked like pumping hoses), but this morning the approach to Burghfield Bridge is fairly deep under water. The sudden amount of water suggests to me some flood defence may have been breached. Although some cars were going through it there was at least one that had become stuck and I didn't fancy becoming the second, so I turned around and came home. But this does mean we're close to being cut off. The traffic news on the radio yesterday morning indicated the route out to the A33 was under water where it passes under the railway and I doubt that has improved in the last 24 hours; there's been heavy rain here overnight. I haven't ventured in the direction of Aldermaston and Tadley yet, though that will certainly involve negotiating the paddling pool by the water tower and may not be viable either. The flooding map at now appears to be broken.

The power here has gone off overnight twice this week. At least I think I've found a cause. The gutter, which has been leaking for some months, is now slightly buckled and V-shaped; it also happens to be more or less directly above an outside power socket, so I think water is pouring down the wall and into the socket. If it happens again I may have a go at isolating it, there's some piping from the nearest socket indoors which I presume connects it to the house main. The original plan had been to wait for better weather before getting the gutter repaired, but that's no longer an option.

EDIT: Reading Post confirms that the Kennet and Avon canal has burst its banks and that there is a pumping operation at Pingewood electricity sub-station.
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