qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The inundation continues

I worked from home on Monday, but heard that Burghfield Road re-opened on Monday evening. This was significantly ahead of the advertised "several days" of closure I found on the Reading Buses website (which seemed to be the best source of information), so some splendid work there. I probably should have worked from home on Tuesday as well, as it took me over an hour to get as far as Caversham Bridge.

There are temporary traffic lights around the electricity substation, and from Thursday onwards I've noticed increasing volumes of water being pumped out again. It's just pouring onto the road with the intent that it runs off into the adjacent fieldlake. Unfortunately this morning it's starting to pool up a bit on the road, and further down the water is lapping at the edge of the road again. I think it will probably be OK once the wind dies down but I guess it really depends on how much water is heading this way from upstream.

Since I got up this morning there has been a continuous sound of distant chainsaws, and I've seen a couple of freshly cut stumps.

It's not much fun for Mrs Q either. At least the Mortimer-Basingstoke-Waterloo route is open. But obviously we're the worried well compared to those whose homes have flooded.
Tags: weather
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