qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Oil, an emergency?

... said the Doctor, disdainfully. "It's high time this planet ceased to be so dependent on a mineral slime." - Doctor Who and the Terror of the Zygons, Robert Banks Stewart, 1976.

This evening petrol in Burghfield was still at the remarkably reasonable price of 81.9p per litre, which is probably a sign that they haven't filled their tank recently, as they never knowingly undersell the petrol here.

I don't like paying more for my petrol, but I like the Green Welly Brigade even less. Farmers have no right to complain about fuel prices when they're running round on and off-road with red diesel (at about half-price tax). I'd gladly see the vast majority of HGVs off the road and have long-distance bulk transport provided by the rail network. If British hauliers are so disadvantaged by the tax differential between here and France, let them go to Calais to refill. (Surely fuel protestors can't possibly be in favour of EU tax harmonisation?)

Petrol may be more expensive in the UK, but so are many other things. Like public transport, for instance. (Buses only available on the third Wednesday after the Full Moon).
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