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Proms 2014 long-list

The Proms 2014 season listings have been published. It looks like a slow start but I think there's enough to keep me entertained. The holiday year in my new job runs September-August, which is a novelty, but I think things will probably fit.

  • Prom 7 - Tavener, Bartok and Shostakovich; the late night Prom with the Pet Shop Boys sounds intriguing but it's scheduled to finish at 23:40, so goodness knows how late it will actually be - probably one for the iPlayer

  • Prom 20 - mostly for the Walton

  • Prom 24/25 - always a bit dangerous to put Mahler 9 on early in the season, and also dangerous to follow on to anything else - but the not-so-late night prom is Tavener again, which probably does work

  • Prom 26 - Shostakovich 4, with Semyon Bychkov conducting (though the Berio may well count as "muddle instead of music")

  • Prom 35 - Sibelius 5 and The Swan of Tuonela

  • Prom 38 - Sibelius 2 and Finlandia

  • Prom 43 - I don't think I've ever actually seen a performance of the 1812 overture, and it looks like this will be the version with the choral introduction

  • Prom 48 - not sure about some of this, but ending with Beethoven 5

  • Prom 53 - Brahms 3 & 4 with the Budapest Festival Orchestra

  • Prom 60 - Respighi's Roman trilogy

  • Prom 61 - familiar Glinka and Rachmaninov, new Zhou Long

  • Prom 63 - John Adams and Mahler 1, conducted by Marin Alsop

  • Prom 64 - Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances and Stravinsky's The Firebird, the Berlin Phil and Sir Simon Rattle

As usual I shall grumble about the amount of Ravel; this year there's also quite a lot of Strauss (born 1864, so it's an anniversary) - complete performances of Der Rosenkavalier, Salome and Elektra. Less explicably there's also a lot of Vaughan Williams and Sir Harrison Birtwistle. Other highlights include Bach's St John and St Matthew passions, Janacek's Glagolitic Mass, and Britten's War Requiem.
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