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Well, let's start off by being positive: I voted Green and I am pleased to see a Green MEP elected in the South East constituency. I don't entirely agree with all of their policies (according to VoteMatch they're a pretty good match, although on issues I ranked important the Lib Dems were in fact one point ahead), but then again, I decided long ago that it was unlikely I would entirely agree with any party's policies, so I have never joined a political party.

On balance, I'm also pleased that the South East has a Lib Dem MEP. I'm still unhappy about the whole tuition fees thing: if you're going to campaign as being "different" from the other parties then I think that means not doing the exact opposite of one of your prominent policies once you arrive in office. But for the most part, although I would be reluctant to say I am happy with the Coalition, I do think it's been better than a purely Conservative administration would have been. Unfortunately I don't think there is anything the Lib Dems can do (including changing their leader) to take credit for that; people don't have the interest to listen to them.

I'm not sure what should be done about UKIP. Immigration is an issue, there's no doubt about that. I'd be uncomfortable receiving medical treatment from someone, regardless of their actual competence, if I couldn't understand what they were saying to me. In fact, when questioned, all politicians always back off to saying that they have no problem with skilled immigration, so in practice I would predict calling a "halt" on immigration would only mean (a) more expensive food, (b) more imported food, or (c) both - and suddenly that looks like another cost-of-living crisis. The real question is, at all levels, why are there more than 2 million unemployed people in Britain? The race to the bottom suits the middle classes - and that includes Farage. It's all guff to dupe more and more people into university when we need to give people a more realistic spectrum of career options and rewards.
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