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God's Own County

I've never had much time for Geoffrey Boycott or Fred Trueman, so for me the above phrase is heavily loaded with arrogance and negativity. Nevertheless, judging by the way I felt on Monday morning I must have had a good holiday.

We ventured first to Scarborough for a couple of days, as a base to wander around the coastal areas. Whitby was remarkably goth-free, and we both decided we rather liked the quiescence of Scarborough itself.

York, where we were based for the rest of the week, was much busier. I had expected it not to be car-friendly, but the roadworks on the outer ring road, the lack of signage and the absence of an evening service for the park and ride didn't give me the best impressions. Fortunately we were also venturing further afield - as far as Saltaire and Haworth to the west, and Castle Howard and Fountains Abbey to the north. After a morning in York Minster we diverged for a few hours as I visited the National Railway Museum while Mrs Q toured other churches in the city. Another unusual attraction was the Cold War Bunker.

Food turned out to be more tricky than you might have thought, as several venues were fully booked on a number of occasions. We enjoyed The House of the Trembling Madness, Barbakan and 1331 in York, as well as Norse in Harrogate (though Mrs Q described it as "more Shoreditch than Scandinavia").

We decided it was appropriate to detour when in the vicinity of Harrogate to make a pilgrimage to Blubberhouses. Sadly there is no blue plaque for Mr Cook but I had my picture taken for posterity.

It was good to catch up with strange_complex on Saturday afternoon, when we visited Fairfax House, had afternoon tea, walked some of the city walls, and finally (due to aforementioned restaurant overbooking) ended up at Yo Sushi. On the trip back we stopped at Hepworth Wakefield; it wasn't really my thing although ironically the photographs of Hepworth with some of her work were perhaps more engaging. The traffic wasn't at all bad for a Sunday afternoon on the motorway.

I've added a syndicated account for my photos from Ipernity (qatsiphotos_ip) where the pictures will appear in due course.
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