qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Folias and Romanescas

Yesterday we ventured into London for a concert at The Globe (actually, the Wanamaker Playhouse, a rather small and intimate theatre that's a new part of the complex) where Jordi Savall and Xavier Diaz-Latorre performed a selection of music for viol, theorbo and guitar from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The space worked well and the candlelit atmosphere was informal; the performance authentic, though perhaps not so much time would have been spent tuning and re-tuning the instruments in days gone by. The mood varied from calm and relaxing to passionate and virtuosic.

I'm not sure whether the Devil has the best tunes, but First Great Western certainly had the worst train service, with severe overcrowding on the way in (at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, hardly a peak time one would have thought) and bad delays in both directions. It does feel that the service has deteriorated over the past year or two, and announcing big investments on the line now doesn't really help when it's too late (of course the absurd division of responsibility on our railway network doesn't help either).
Tags: music, travel
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