qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: Programming for PaaS, by Lucas Carlson
I'd heard of SaaS (Software As A Service) - I thought it was what my last job was about, though we referred to the product as "the platform". Then it turns out there are also IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) and PaaS (Platform As A Service). In any case, this all boils down to various approaches to getting someone else to run the hardware and software for you, probably in "the cloud" - the difference is in exactly what software (OS, application servers, application). This is a lightweight book in all senses - there is very little code as it's more about the concepts involved and not tied to a specific programming language. As far as it goes, it's fine, though I suspect this is going to be a rapidly-moving area for some time. There wasn't anything earth-shattering, though. I was reassured to read that I'm not the only one who finds PaaS pricing options impenetrable.
Tags: books, computing, web
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