qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: The Docker Book - Containerization is the new virtualization, by James Turnbull
Docker is an up-and-coming technology based on Linux, allowing for lightweight virtual machines or "containers". The idea is that these can be easily configured and built, and can be started and stopped at will, thus allowing devops teams to scale to meet demand, amongst other things. This book gives a reasonable introduction to the technology and how to approach building and running new images, sharing data with the host operating system and other containers.

In my Kindle edition there were one or two wobbles, generally around the area of pagination, which made it an effort once or twice to check I hadn't missed anything. I've had an OS update in the past couple of weeks and I'm not sure whether it is related to that. Having read a few books on my tablet now, I'm coming to the conclusion that although the reading experience on the device is absolutely fine, the "production values" of e-books are not quite what I'd like them to be. (All the e-books I've read have been technology-related, and it could be that it's the production values in the subject area that leave something to be desired).
Tags: books, computing
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