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Comfort Reading

Book Review: A Picture of Britain, by David Dimbleby, David Blayney Brown, Richard Humphreys and Christine Riding
Taking a break from heavier and work-related reading, I fetched this one down from the shelves. There's not much point in buying exhibition catalogues and coffee-table books if you don't make use of them, and it felt like the right time for this one. It's based on the TV series and accompanying exhibition from 2005.

The introduction in each chapter is by Dimbleby, leading to a longer essay by one of the other contributors. As far as I can remember it's a fair synopsis of the material presented in other formats. I would have liked more pictures but I suppose rights and/or other constraints would inevitably require a high degree of selection. Still, all the items highlighted in my previous post about the exhibition itself feature in the book.
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