qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: The Definitive ANTLR4 Reference, by Terence Parr
I've been through quite a few technical books this year, but this one was chosen for "special project" reasons rather than work. I'm always wary of books that claim to be "definitive", but this is by the author of the ANTLR parser generator library so I suppose it is the genuine article. The style is informal but not over-chatty, and the material is covered with the right combination of thoroughness and pragmatism. There are real examples of JSON, XML and R parsing, as well as those intended for more purely pedagogic purposes. Some of the details have probably passed over me, but it has given me quite enough to make a start. In my case there is already a well-defined grammar to work from that has taken just a couple of hours to start showing definite progress.
Tags: books, computing
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