qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Book Review: Apache Maven Dependency Management, by Jonathan Lalou
At one stage there was a new edition of O'Reilly's book on Maven scheduled for publication, but it got pulled at the last minute, and I didn't want to rely on a 7 year old first edition knowing it would be significantly out of date. So I tried this book instead; the Amazon reviews were indifferent, and I'm afraid they were about right. There is some useful material here, and I've learned a bit more about Maven than just prodding it to build other people's projects, but there are also topics purposefully left out, which is not useful. The author is clearly not a native English speaker and although the book is just about comprehensible, Packt Publishing's low editorial standards and values come to the fore; this is a shame because they do frequently produce useful books on technical subjects that are otherwise void of reference material beyond potentially ephemeral on-line documentation.
Tags: books, computing
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