qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

We headed to Oxford yesterday to visit the Ashmolean's Love Bites and Great British Drawings exhibitions. The first, a collection of Gillray caricatures from the New College archives, covered some familiar ground with various ridicule of William Pitt, Charles Fox, George III and Napoleon, but also some of his send-ups and commentaries of other aristocratic figures with a romantic and/or scandalous air. The Great British Pictures exhibition, on the other hand, didn't really establish a subject matter theme, but rather formed a mixed bag with some real gems, among them Thomas Rowlandson, Turner, various pre-Raphaelites, and Ravilious. We also took the opportunity to see Turner's High Street, Oxford and noted the artistic licence applied to it (Chaing Yee's drawing, the icon for this post, is a bit more accurate; the Ashmolean also displays a contemporary photograph alongside) and the painted Greek and Roman casts, a scientifically-based attempt to show how the statues were originally decorated.
Tags: exhibitions, oxford
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