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The Fourth Choir

One of Mrs Q's colleagues sent round information for The Fourth Choir and we went to their concert last night at St Peter's Eaton Square.

Prior to the concert we mostly dodged the rain as we went to Ognisko for a meal, an interesting restaurant that is part of the Polish Hearth Club formed after World War 2 to maintain the community of Polish exiles in Britain. A number of military portraits adorned the wall above the bar. The food was good and a contemporary interpretation of typical hearty central-east European fare.

The concert, a short distance away (though the Piccadilly Line was very busy, no doubt in part due to Circle Line closures), was in St Peter's Eaton Square. I had guessed the absence of stained glass and modern interior were due to war damage, but Wikipedia says it was completely refurbished after a 1987 arson attack. The music was a variety of old and new, from Palestrina and Tallis, through Bach and Schütz to the UK premiere of a rediscovered work, an operatic fragment by seventeenth-century Abbatini, Apparuit Deus Moysi, and the world premiere of a commission by the choir, Alexander Campkin's The First Kiss with words from a collection by Strato. You never quite know what you're going to get with a premiere but this was very good, much more Arvo Pärt than Harrison Birtwistle. The concert finished with Vivaldi's Gloria, this and the Campkin being accompanied by the Meridian Sinfonia. Throughout the choir was excellent and balanced its voice well with the venue.
Tags: food, london, music
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