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The Blitz Spirit (or, Not In My Front Yard)

First, the good news. My bathroom is finished and, as they say, a thing of beauty.

Now, the not-so-good news. My neighbour, who last year submitted a planning application for an additional house in the bounds of his garden, before withdrawing the application several months later after objections from *all* those around him, has submitted a new application.

I'm not happy about this, and I will once again write to the council with my objections, but if it goes ahead, so be it. Mrs Busybody (one of my other neighbours) came over today to share the plans she had obtained from the council (no, the neighbour making the application didn't bother to consult with any of us first). The plans are substantially unchanged from last year; in an attempt to remove some objections, the back of the proposed house has no windows and a roof sloping chalet-style down to the ground floor level. There is also an elevation of very dubious nature suggesting that the levels are substantially different from those we perceive. So he can knock down his garage which is at ground-floor level to my house, but first-floor level to his, and on that site, erect a two-storey house whose roofline will be level with his house.

What I hate most about all this is the uncertainty. I'm not particularly keen to staying here long-term but the house isn't sellable until the kitchen is done, and the garden still needs quite a bit of work to make it respectable. However, the house isn't sellable when for the next 5 years, directly across the road, there would be an invisible house that shows up immediately anyone does a local search. I doubt that a completed house would have much impact on the value of mine (not that that is grounds for a planning objection anyway); however the more ethereal unknown does impact on value and saleability.

At least I don't need to worry that my concerns will not be aired: Mrs Busybody will see to that, and more.
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