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Book Review: MongoDB - The Definitive Guide, by Kristina Chodorow
I try not to read books in parallel, but a Kindle offer prompted me to shell out for this book, and I wasn't too keen on taking my tablet to the Proms so I have been alternating for the last couple of weeks. I'm at the stage where I have dabbled quite a bit with MongoDB at work, but felt it would be good to get another perspective on the technologies and best practices. Yet at the same time it's so fast-moving that I was concerned the book might already be out-of-date (and this had put me off buying it for a while, in case a more recent volume might emerge). In fact, I don't think I need have worried; I didn't come across anything (I was particularly concerned about the aggregation framework) that conflicted with my limited experience. This is a decent book that covers basic CRUD operations on MongoDB, more advanced usage such as indexing, MapReduce and the aggregation framework, and operational and administrative tasks such as replica sets, sharding, backup and tuning. As such it has confirmed, formalised and ironed out some of my understanding while augmenting it with clear explanations.

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