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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen
At school, English lessons were very successful in drumming out of me any enthusiasm for "the classics". I haven't seen the film; I haven't seen the TV adaptation. (Actually I may have seen an earlier BBC adaptation around 1980, but other than recalling they had a bit of a Jane Austen phase I don't really remember it).

There's a give-and-take library at work, so when I saw this, I thought I'd take the opportunity to try it out. After all, a lot of people enjoy Austen. Me? Well, I enjoyed some of the more farcical elements - the caricatures of Mrs Bennet and Mr Collins, and the put-upon Mr Bennet, for example - in fact, the comedy was more successful than the supposedly main event. Elizabeth's change of heart towards Mr Darcy, though rational, does seem to just "happen". One thing that struck me in particular is that the story of Lydia's elopement with Mr Wickham would probably be conveyed at least as child abduction these days; here, an at least equal concern is reputational damage to the family. I could see the inevitable come-uppance of Lady Catherine's interference a mile off. So I suppose I enjoyed this, albeit in a rather indifferent way, but I'm undoubtedly more well read than I was before.
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