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The Commune - The Titfield Thunderbolt
Heisenberg might have stayed here
The Commune
Last night we went to Reading Film Theatre to see The Commune. It's quite a while since I have been; the programmes have been quite variable in the past few years. For a while it seemed not much different to the multiplexes, though cheaper and a few months behind. The lecture theatre has been refurbished and the prices have gone up, but it's still cheaper than the multiplex. The audience was fairly sparse.

The story is based on an autobiographical play by Thomas Vinterberg. It's the 1970s; Erik, an architecture lecturer, inherits his father's large Copenhagen home and is persuaded by his wife Anna to turn it into a commune. Several friends join them, but of course things don't quite run according to plan. It felt a little like Abigail's Party crossed with Nordic noir; an atmospheric, period piece, full of ambiguity.


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