qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

I've got a bad feeling about this

Most of the spoiler-free comment I've seen has been very complimentary about Rogue One; I'm afraid I found it adequate but uninspiring. From the off, I didn't like the music (a poor imitation of John Williams); there were too many characters to keep track of and the initial plot seemed over-convoluted. As it progressed towards the end, it did become more like a season of Blackadder. I did feel Orson Krennic would have been better played by Derek Jacobi. Perhaps I am just getting old. But as I say, it was adequate and I contrast it with the Christmas Doctor Who, for which I had low expectations but was won over. On the plus side, I enjoyed the snide droid K-2SO and, to my surprise, there was much more "Peter Cushing" than I had anticipated. It patches up quite a few holes, but not all, in the story arc.
Tags: film
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