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None for ages, and then two come along at once. Last year, 82 portraits and 1 still-life; this year, the Tate's blockbuster Hockney exhibition. We booked well in advance and visited last Saturday. It was, of course, busy; but as usual, the rooms further into the exhibition became more comfortable. The exhibition takes a broadly chronological journey, beginning with the very swinging 60s, moving on to his time spent in California, and then through to more recent years interchanging Yorkshire and the USA. A variety of media are on display; as well as paintings, there are also photographs (including some demonstrations of multiple perspectives), videos, and works produced by Hockney on an iPad. The paintings certainly highlight his characteristic use of bright colours, with the greens and browns of Yorkshire giving way to earthy reds and deep blue skies in the Grand Canyon. I didn't find the iPad works especially engaging; they were animated to show their construction over time; I gather the artist's modus operandi is a subject of particular interest to Hockney, but not really for me. On the other hand, I did find the "slow TV" video walls of Four Seasons quite absorbing. My favourites were probably the later Yorkshire landscape paintings.
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