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Note to self (1): must watch more BBC4. This evening I caught apparently the last-but-one episode of the series Abroad Again in Britain, with Jonathan Meades talking about Cragside in particular, but also about Lord Armstrong and his impact on the North East in general. Very interesting and entertaining.

Note to self (2): the subscription to Scientific American was well worth it. Primarily bought with maths and physics in mind, in the past few months I have read, amongst others, articles about the efficiency of fuel cells over the complete cycle, the ecological effect of reintroducing the wolf into Yellowstone, an explanation of the mechanisms that cause BSE/CJD (in which it appeared that the development of the prion agent is a process rather more like a cancer than the viral infection it is generally portrayed as), and prospects for electrodynamic tethers to provide power, lift, artificial gravity and orbital control on spacecraft.

In other news, I don't often get interested at the "toys" that people get at work, but today someone got one of these. Surely envy is a duty rather than a sin?
Tags: science, tv
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