qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

I am still able to access the Internet ...

... after having installed Windows XP Service Pack 2. True, it did take an extra reboot, but that may have been down to DHCP/DNS quirks in my router. The update took about an hour on a 450MHz P3, though I did leave it unattended and discovered it was waiting on dialogs a couple of times.

So far the Reading Festival has not been unduly disruptive. The traffic seems, if anything, to have been a bit quiet so far, maybe people have been put off by the unpredictable weather over the past few weeks. Last night I could hear something as I went to bed just after 23:00; rather like a distant thunderstorm. Given that I live more than 5 miles away from the festival site, as the crow flies (and with some hills in-between), I have some sympathy for those living closer to it. I went into town briefly this morning; there was definitely an aroma of damp and "traditional organic fertiliser" in the air (though I would have to consult uitlander on whether it was horse, cow or pig) and wellies were clearly this year's must-have accessory.

It reminds me of the office boat trip we took last year from Caversham through Mapledurham Lock up to Pangbourne (which therefore passes by the Festival site): the boat trip itself was intrinsically quite nice, but somewhat spoiled by our on-board "entertainment" (and ours was not the only boat of this type on the river). The continuous disruption plus the risk of flooding makes me wonder why Caversham Heights is such a desirable place to live.
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