qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Pictures at an Exhibition

No, not music this time, but visual art, as kharin and I visited the National Gallery's Russian Landscapes in the age of Tolstoy exhibition. The paintings in the exhibition were varied in style, from some reminiscent of Constable or Turner through to impressionism (in one case, with a peculiarly mediaeval Russian Orthodox spin). The most impressive pictures were some vast canvases depicting the interior of Russian forests by Shishkin and the spectacular and spectral Moonlit Night on the Dniepr by Kuindzhi. For the most part, the paintings showed beautiful landscape with a hint of melancholy, but there were other lighter works dealing naïvely with the Russian peasant class, and warmer works by two Russian artists (Shchedrin and Lebedev) who moved to Italy.
Tags: exhibitions
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