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Prague is probably the most beautiful city I've visited for a holiday. Its architecture, in particular the baroque spires and domes, reminds me of Oxford.

Rather than present a travelogue, I'll keep it brief and cut down to the highlights, which were probably Karluv Most, the Hrad, the Klementinum Library and Tower, and the Hanavsky Pavilion. Many other places were stunning, such as the interior of the Spanish Synagogue and the tranquility of Vysehrad. More kitsch perhaps was the Museum of Communism, though it dealt with its subject rationally. The top floor of the Trade Fair Palace (which hosts the Czech Republic's National Gallery) was spectacular in the quantity of paintings and sculptures on view.

The Czechs certainly know how to eat (so long as you don't mind pork or game) and drink - both Bohemian beer and Moravian wine were on offer. They seemed a fairly relaxed and friendly lot. One thing they will have to learn (as the Koruna is worth about 2p) is that they will have to price things in Euros and cents when they join the single currency - I noticed most tourist shops priced things in Korunas and Euros, but always rounded up to whole units.

The weather was fine for six days out of seven, for which I can hardly complain. But I can complain about British Airways: one hour queueing to check in at Heathrow, and planes late in both directions. I would not have preferred them but they had by far the best flight times; however, as they can't stick to them and can't staff their desks according to demand, they now rank only just above Aeroflot (with whom I would be very reluctant to fly on safety grounds) in my league table.
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