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The Sound of Screaming

Car Service and MOT today. Or at least, that was the plan. Now it's a stopover in the garage because they haven't got the parts, and the estimate is £950. Yes, you read that right.

Why? Why? Why? Why is the <something> cutting through the front rollbar? Why do I need new rear brake pads and calipers? Why is the engine temperature controller broken? It's only 4 years/40,000 miles old (which, surprise surprise, puts it out of warranty).

According to Parkers, there were "minor quality problems" with some 2000/2001 Fabia models. It doesn't feel minor to me. The trade-in value is about £3500, allegedly.

This is all compounded by the fact that it's a new garage that I haven't been to before. Previously I was very happy with Ashmore Green Garage. A couple of years ago they were taken over, and a few months back they moved into central Newbury, where they share a site with a Saab and Alfa Romeo dealer. At the same time, they opened in central Reading, where they share a similar site. I regret being tempted into Reading, but can't honestly say whether it has really made any difference, although I am a bit concerned by the comment "we've never replaced one of those before". I just don't think Skoda owners are people who expect to pay Saab prices.

And to cap it all, no dialtone or internet when I got home. So after three attempts to dial an 0800 number from a mobile (apparently you have to drop the '0'; years ago I'm sure you had to prefix the whole thing with '*') I get the IVR system which tells me it can't connect on a line test, so please would I give it my number and someone will call me back. By the time I have done all of this, the dialtone has mysteriously returned, so I am expecting to be dismissed as idiot-user if and when BT return the call.

At least this reminds me to put 'Dilbert' onto my LJ interests list.
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