qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

More whine

Moaned about my coworkers today. Our technical services division (that's the people who go out to customer sites to install and configure our software) are useless. If something goes wrong, most of them have no capability to carry out any diagnostic tasks at all, they just e-mail or ring in with an "it doesn't work" message. This morning I arrived at work to find one of these: it turned out that no users had been configured on the application server. So they can't read the manual, either. It's so good that we're all graduates now and benefitting from Blunkett's literacy hour.

Though this afternoon I discovered I wasn't perfect either. It appears that I still had two files checked out of Source Safe since last Wednesday, although we did a software release on Friday. The obvious and correct conclusion is that the wrong files have been released. Whoops. Of course, the Procedure-Führer who did the release can't have checked that there were no checked-out files, either.

Getting home this evening, I've found that my neighbour is appealing against the refusal of his planning application to build another house in his garden.

The good news is that I've sold my Yes Prime Minister video within a couple of days of listing it on Amazon, after upgrading to DVD. The bad news is, double videos are expensive to post, but don't attract an extra postage credit from Amazon. And they don't fit in reasonable envelopes either, so I am trusting the Royal Mail with some bubble wrap, brown paper packaging and lots of parcel tape. Ho hum.
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