qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

This time next year we won't be millionaires

It has been suggested at work that I might prefer not to take all of the remaining holiday to which I am entitled before the end of the calendar year.

Our company has a 'strict' no carry-over policy which is apparently 'as a result of recent EU court rulings'. (Funny how you can blame anything on the EU if it suits you. Research leads me to believe that the ruling meant that companies were supposed to keep better records, as it's to do with working time regulations. So the simple way out is to ban carrying holiday over.)

Nevertheless, they are prepared to negotiate carrying over some holiday, or buying it back at time-and-a-half. I can infer from this that the management are desperate so I'm going to inquire whether they have considered reintroducing paid overtime, too.

In other news, the Artemis Capital fund has reached a unit price of £6.00, the highest it's been since September 2001, and it's now outperforming even my L&G tracker. So much for being described as a 'dog fund' a few months ago. The New Star Technology fund, previously 19th out of 19 in its sector, is now ... 18th out of 18. So I'm not planning on retiring any time soon.
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