qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

You just can't get the staff ...

During uitlander's absence I am cat-sitting. On previous occasions this has involved the complete absence of The Grey One and disdainful scowls from The Ginger One.

However, it seems at last that we have An Understanding. It is usual practice for The Ginger One to be standing guard on the window-sill in the evening, awaiting The Two-Legs That Opens The Food Sachets. In the morning they are usually both absent, as breakfast was not served at the appointed hour.

But this morning, The Ginger One was staring out waiting for me, and this evening, there was no sign of him but The Grey One was present and so got first dibs on the food. The Ginger One entered through the cat-flap and was very put out indeed. Clearly there will be yowls with the owner upon her return.
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