qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Camp Shenanigans

Last night appeared to be 'Tony Robinson night' on Channel 4, where he presented a couple of programmes on Richard III and the dubious legitimacy of the British monarchy. According to recently discovered evidence, Edward IV was illegitimate, so Robinson re-traced the Plantagenet line to tell us of his revised Henry VIII (not to mention IX and X), Barbara (Plantagenet, remember, not Windsor), and ultimately Michael, a genial fertiliser researcher currently resident somewhere in the Australian outback.

Of course this does overlook the probability that if that had become the Royal line, they would have married rather differently, but it was entertaining in a there's-nothing-else-on kind of way.

I went to see Moulin Rouge with kharin on 9/11; in some ways that may sound tasteless, but at the time the right thing to do seemed to be to carry on as normal without dignifying the terrorists with an alteration to our plans. After all, the Church Bells would have started ringing if the GermanTaliban invasion began. I have no regrets about that, and it certainly provided a couple of hours of welcome escapism.

The opportunity to see the film again was therefore welcome. There isn't really any plot, but that's not the point: Jim Broadbent's rendition of Like A Virgin defies any other description than camp shenanigans, and is indeed Spectacular, Spectacular!, a worthy impresario rival to Henry Gordon Jago.
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