qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

The Old Ones are the Best

From today's Independent: "The ice pick caused Trotsky, for the first time, to have an open mind."

In other news, Howard Goodall's 20th Century Greats was surprisingly enjoyable. The series as a whole aims to chronicle the achievements of 20th century (although, essentially, post-WWII) music. In particular, the forthcoming episode on Bernard Hermann's music should be interesting, but this first programme focused on Lennon and McCartney. Howard Goodall's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, but he does not dumb down too much: viewers were given a good explanation of the basics of key schemes, rhythym, cadences, modulation, and modality. It's fair enough as far as it goes; what was perhaps missing was that his observation of the departure of serious music from tonality into the twelve-tone scheme (I haven't heard any Stockhausen, though I think I may have trodden in some) limits itself to music. Didn't something similar happen in other arts at about the same time, with the increasing abandonment of more-or-less literal transcriptions of reality onto a canvas, for instance?
Tags: music, tv
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