qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

Who Ate All The Pies?

According to Reading Borough Council, the history of Reading is beer (Courage brewery), biscuits (Huntley & Palmer's) and seeds (Suttons). The literati will point to The Ballad of Reading Gaol; readers of Crap Towns will recall the statue of Queen Victoria pointedly turning her back on the town.

An emporium that deserves to be better known is Sweeney and Todd (warning - seems to be a very slow link), commonly known as Sweeney Todd's. I suggested it as a venue when our team leader proposed a team Christmas night out "somewhere other than TGI's", as half the team (myself included) are not going to the company Christmas event. This turned into a whole development group night out. Though almost everyone had heard of the place, the number who arrived saying "gosh, it really is a pie shop" was surprising. These people also needed to have it pointed out to them that it is situated next door to the Castle Street Barber Shop.

The pies were, as always, excellent - this time I opted for Duck and Apricot, which, though pleasant, doesn't usurp Venison and Wild Boar as my all-time favourite. The choice is vast, unless you're a vegetarian, and with potatoes and veg, at just over £6 a head, it hardly breaks the bank either.
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