qatsi (qatsi) wrote,

It's the weekend, and the moment has been prepared for ...

Things started going downhill as I was trying to leave work yesterday evening, when the PHB decided to engage me in an extended conversation about the security architecture of our products. Later, sometime after ten, I turned the kitchen light on and there was a very loud pop. Not only the bulb, but the downstairs lighting fuse had gone. Fortunately I had fuse wire to fix it, but it did turn into a late night.

Today we were doing a release of the software, which is normally when the database team find and "fix" all manner of things at the last minute. My bits and pieces seemed to go quite well, but then I became embroiled in the (coincidental) build for our "most important" customer (i.e., the one who is currently paying the most money). For some inexplicable reason, we've hired a project manager who wants to use the XP "methodology"; no-one else does, and some people have been a bit tired and emotional. I bit his head off when he was querying my timesheet; for my part, I suggested that if he wanted me to book more time to the project than I had actually spent on it, what was the point of me doing a timesheet in the first place, as he could just make it up - that would be easier all round. At a distance, it's amusing to see XP at work; nothing so far to disabuse me of my prejudices on the subject.
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