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The Lord of the Springs

I observed with disappointment last week that the film times for The Magic Roundabout left no potential for child-free screenings, so hoped that there might be a correction in a second week. But no, if anything it's worse, so I decided to go for a Sunday afternoon option instead.

It's not a bad film, but there isn't much for the grown-ups to get their teeth into; certainly it doesn't compare favourably to Chicken Run. But its cast certainly merits a Luvvie Alert: Tom Baker, Jim Broadbent, Joanna Lumley and Ian McKellan have the principal voices (for strange_complex's benefit, someone called Kylie has a relatively minor role). The miniature pastiches of The Lord of the Rings and the Indiana Jones films are amusing, but I have too many little grey cells for the stretching of its original 5-minute format to feature length really to succeed.

Though, as Ian McKellen voices Zebedee and Tom Baker voices Zeebad, his alter-ego villain, I do look forward to the scope for a parody in Dead Ringers (presumably Christopher Lee was unavailable).
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